The Impact of Technology on Education: Change or Threat?

Dampak Teknologi Terhadap Pendidikan
Dampak Teknologi Terhadap Pendidikan

PETIK.NET | Technology has become an important part of our daily lives, especially with the entry of the digital era. Technology has changed the way we find and use information, access resources, and communicate.

This also applies to the world of education. Technology has had a huge impact on education, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result, many schools and universities have moved to remote learning. However, is the impact of technology on education positive or negative?

What should we know about technology and education?

How Does Technology Affect Education?

Technology has helped change the way we learn from just using textbooks and jotting down information on whiteboards.

Now, technology has become an important part to help students understand the material better and prepare them for the future.

Technology has also paved the way for new learning methods, such as online learning, which allow students to interact directly with teachers and fellow students remotely.

Technology is also enabling more access to educational resources. Now, students can access various resources on the internet to broaden their knowledge.

They can watch educational videos, read reports and articles, or take online courses. This allows them to learn about topics that may not be available at school or university.

Technology can also help improve student skills. With the use of tools such as tablets and laptops, students can learn more about technology and use it to complete their assignments.

As such, technology helps students prepare for the future with the skills required in the modern world.

What are the advantages of technology for education?

Technology has brought many benefits to education. This includes:

1. More Access to Educational Resources

Technology has made it possible for students to access a variety of educational resources, including textbooks, videos, and reports.

This allows students to find the information they need to complete assignments and learn new topics.

2. Student Skill Improvement

With technology, students can improve their skills, such as writing, speaking, and using software needed by the industry. This helps students prepare for the future.

3. Improved Distance Learning

Technology has enabled increased online learning allowing students to interact with teachers and fellow students remotely.

This allows students to get the education they should get without having to be in school.

What are the negative impacts of technology on education?

While technology has brought many benefits to education, there have also been some negative impacts. This includes:

1. Declining Quality of Education

The use of technology in education can lead to a decrease in the quality of education.

Because students can easily access information on the internet, they may become less interested in learning and remembering the information they get.

This can reduce students’ ability to complete assignments and prepare for the future.

2. Improper Use of Content

Since students can easily access various resources on the internet, they can easily open unwanted content.

The use of inappropriate content can disrupt students’ learning processes and damage the quality of their learning outcomes.

3. Limited Social Interaction

The use of technology in education can also lead to limited social interaction between students and teachers.

For various reasons, students may not be able to meet teachers and fellow students in person.

Limited social interaction can affect students’ ability to learn and interact with others.


Technology has brought many benefits to education, including enabling students to access a variety of educational resources, enhancing their skills, and helping them prepare for the future.

However, technology can also have negative impacts, including reduced quality of education, use of inappropriate content, and limited social interaction.

Therefore, it is important for educators to ensure that technology is used wisely and does not interfere with the learning process.

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