Perfect The Beauty Of Dream Modern Minimalist House With RomanGranit Grande

Perfect The Beauty Of Dream Modern Minimalist House With RomanGranit Grande

PETIK.NET | Modern minimalist home design is becoming a current trend. This design concept emphasizes functional and essential aspects. The selection of materials for the interior and exterior also adapts to the principles of minimalism, including floor and wall covering materials.

For this need, RomanGranit Grande which is a large and luxurious granite tile can be an ideal choice.

Floors with large granite tiles can support the desired modern minimalist home concept. With the elegant visual appearance of RomanGranit Grande, the floor as the basic area of ​​a residence will support the beauty of the design as a whole.

High-quality granite tiles with an aesthetic design found at RomanGranit Grande will make it easier for you to achieve the goal of modern minimalist home design. Grande, which means large, is available in several sizes, namely 80×80 cm, 100×100 cm and 120×60 cm.

With that size format, the installation of RomanGranit Grande will result in a few nut connection lines. The less grout, the less objects obstruct the eye’s view. The floor will be seen as an almost perfectly flat expanse. The room will look much more spacious.

A little grout also minimizes the potential for dirt to accumulate in this area so maintenance is easier. Floor maintenance costs can also be saved. This is in line with the modern minimalist home design concept that prioritizes efficiency and effectiveness.

Not just big size, RomanGranit Grande offers quality and art that can raise prestige. According to the tagline “The Great Grande Redefine Greatness”, RomanGranit Grande redefines the meaning of the word “big” and translates it into the form of large, luxurious granite tiles with an enchanting design.

RomanGranit Grande is indeed a standard in designing designs. Just look at one of his latest collections, dStatuario. This granite tile presents the well-known and unique Statuario marble design from Italy with a white base color and soft gray veins.

Exclusive from this collection is the bookmatch pattern on dStatuario Specchio and the endmatch pattern on dStatuario Continua. With that rare marble motif pattern, the floor can be an artistic design element.

If you want to apply granite tiles with shades of gray for a modern minimalist home, you can use one of the RomanGranit Grande collection, namely dPetersburg Grey. This collection features a gray marble motif with elegant straight veins.

By using marble motif granite tiles, you have given a natural touch to the residence. In addition to marble motifs, RomanGranit Grande also presents motifs with nuances of other natural stones, such as sandstone, travertine and andesite.

With the large size of granite tiles, the exoticism of veins and the special color of natural stones can be maximally exposed. The natural effect on the floor surface is easier to achieve.

RomanGranit Grande memberikan dua jenis finishing, yakni glossy dan matte. Keduanya dapat menyempurnakan kebutuhan gaya desain rumah minimalis modern yang ingin selalu terlihat bersih namun tetap dinamis dan stylish. Pilihlah motif, warna dan tampilan permukaan RomanGranit Grande sesuai kebutuhan rumah impian Anda.

In terms of strength, RomanGranit Grande is very reliable. Made by burning more than 1200 degrees Celsius, the result is that Grande has a water absorption capacity of below 0.50 percent or you can say that it is almost non-porous. The tiles of this granite are very strong with a modulus of rupture (bending modulus) in excess of 40 newtons per square millimeter (N/mm2).

Indonesian products with international quality

RomanGranit Grande is a product from RomanGranit whose quality has been recognized by the international market. This is proven by the export of RomanGranit products that have reached 90 countries in the world for more than 35 years. Roman is also the only granite and ceramic tile brand from Indonesia that regularly attends Cersaie, the most prestigious ceramic industry exhibition in Italy.

Roman has been standing since the 1970s. This industry produces granite tiles and ceramic tiles in factories located in Balaraja Tangerang and Mojokerto East Java.

In his journey, Roman dedicated himself to creating products with the highest quality that became a benchmark in the current market. Roman is here to make your dream of perfection come true.

To see the latest and most complete collection, you can visit House of Roman which is spread in big cities, such as Jakarta (Meruya, Fatmawati, Mangga Dua and Kelapa Gading), Serpong, Bandung (Jl Veteran and Bandung Barat), Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, and Denpasar.

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