Chinese Novels: A New Wave of Global Popularity

Redaksi PetiknetThursday, 3 August 2023 | 15:30 WIB
Chinese Novels: A New Wave of Global Popularity
Chinese Novels: A New Wave of Global Popularity

Some even modify or rewrite the works without credit or consent. This not only harms the rights and interests of the platforms and authors but also damages the quality and integrity of the works.

2. Competition and saturation

Competition and saturation are inevitable issues that affect the growth and profitability of Chinese platforms and authors. As more platforms enter the market with similar or identical products or services, the market share and revenue of each platform decrease or stagnate.

As more authors produce more works with similar or identical plots or characters, the quality and originality and diversity of the works decline or diminish. This not only affects the satisfaction and loyalty of the readers but also the motivation and innovation of the authors.

3. Cultural and linguistic barriers

Cultural and linguistic barriers are common obstacles that hinder the communication and understanding between Chinese platforms, authors, and overseas readers. Many overseas readers may not be familiar with or interested in the cultural background, historical context, or literary tradition of Chinese novels.

Many overseas readers may also face difficulties or confusion in reading or comprehending the translated versions of Chinese novels due to the differences in grammar, vocabulary, idioms, etc. between Chinese and other languages. These barriers may affect the enjoyment and appreciation of Chinese novels by overseas readers.


1. Legal protection and enforcement

Legal protection and enforcement are essential measures to combat piracy and plagiarism and safeguard the rights and interests of platforms and authors. More platforms are registering their works with the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) and applying for ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) to prove their ownership and legitimacy.

More platforms are also suing or reporting the infringing websites or individuals to seek compensation or justice. More platforms are also cooperating with each other to form alliances or associations to share information and resources to fight against piracy and plagiarism.

2. Differentiation and innovation

Differentiation and innovation are key strategies to overcome competition and saturation and achieve growth and profitability for platforms and authors. More platforms are developing their own unique features, services, or niches to attract and retain their users.